Safer Spaces Resources

The following readings, talks and guides accompany the Save UK Safer Spaces Agreement. They have been chosen to aid our collective understanding of the issues which may affect those present at our Save events, to assist us in acting on unacceptable or problematic behaviours, and to help us better embody Save’s values of love-based community organising.

Privilege & oppression

1. Commonalities of oppression (video)

Vine Sanctuary's pattrice jones offers an introduction to thinking about social advantages and the importance of intersectionality to animal liberation


1. White privilege: Unpacking the invisible knapsack (article)

A look at the daily and often unseen and unacknowledged advantages associated with being seen as white

2. Why "I'm not racist" is only half the story (video)

Exploring why it's important to see race as a system rather than as individual acts of prejudice, why we get defensive when talking about race, and how we can better acknowledge our racial biases

Sexism, misogyny & gender violence

1. Tips for male allies (article/blog)

Useful tips to help male allies take active responsibility for tackling sexism and misogyny within the animal rights movement


1. Ableism/language (article/blog)

A useful reference for anyone interested in learning about linguistic microaggressions and everyday, casual ableism


1. Self-care as a vegan activist (article/blog)

Steps to help you do your best for the animals and care for yourself

Other animals & speciesism

1. Nonhuman consent: On touching other animals (article/blog)

Exploring how to show respect to other animals and how to be mindful of what they are communicating to us

Addressing harmful behaviours/giving & receiving feedback

1. Calling in - A quick guide on when and how (article/blog)

Advice for letting people know that their actions are harmful

2. 10 tips on receiving critical feedback: A guide for activists (article/blog)

Advice for moving past feelings and behaviours which prevent us from seeing feedback as something positive, to be expected, and encouraged

3. We need better apologies, guys (article/blog)

Carol Adams offers advice on how to respond if you are a person who has caused harm

4. Abolition culture: Moving beyond disposability in the movement (article/blog)

A call to recognise nuance in the way we approach conflict, and to move beyond seeing exclusion as a 'solution'

5. Navigating justice for sexual abuse survivors, when you're a prison abolitionist and a survivor (article/blog)

A look at centring the healing of survivors, while also being attentive to those who have caused harm

Organisational & communication resources

1. A consensus handbook (book, pdf)

A guide to making group decisions in more collaborative, inclusive and democratic ways

2. Working with conflict in our groups: A guide for grassroots activists (booklet, pdf)

A guide to understanding conflict - how to spot it, and how to deal with it effectively

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