Safer Spaces Agreement

Save Movement UK (SMUK) aims to create respectful, understanding and anti-oppressive spaces that are both welcoming and supportive, where the value and dignity of everyone is fully recognised.

While no space can be truly safe, this Agreement helps to make our Save-hosted spaces[1] safer by outlining the standards of behaviour expected from organisers and attendees, and supports people in coming forward to report unacceptable behaviour.

Our commitment to safety and wellbeing means being mindful of the ways people may experience the harmful effects of many different forms of discrimination - whether based on race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, class, disability, or a combination of these or other factors.

By listening to others, respecting their thoughts and feelings, and by being prepared to change our behaviour if it is deemed inappropriate, we can align our actions more fully with our commitment to a love-based activist approach.


We define the following as abusive behaviours which are not tolerated:


Physical abuse

1. Violence and the threat of violence (unless in self defence)

2. Use of force and threat of force (unless minimal to protect people from harm)

3. Rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment

4. Actions which cause undue stress to the animals at vigils (e.g. forced stroking)

Non-Physical abuse

1. Verbal abuse (insults or aggression towards an individual)

2. Discriminatory language (insults, generalisations or assumptions about people on the basis of any characteristic associated with discrimination or oppression, including speciesist language)

3. Emotional and psychological abuse (bullying, shaming, isolating and 'gaslighting')

4. Harassment (behaviour made abusive by being repeated, persistent and unwelcome)

5. Written abuse (any of the above in written form)

Upholding this Agreement is a collective responsibility and an ongoing process, but by making our solidarity with animals more inclusive and better informed, our solidarity is made stronger and our strategies more effective.


For further advice on how best to uphold the values within this Agreement, please see the accompanying Safer Spaces Resources. If you have been subjected to any of the above behaviours or would like additional support, please contact the SMUK Solidarity Team at Any communication will be kept confidential.

Signatories to the Agreement:


[1] These include, but are not limited to, vigils, outreach events, group meetings, social events and online communications.

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